February 17, 2020 0 Comments

Just $1/month for 2020!

With the aim of being available to any business owner, I’ve just lowered the price for monthly listings on the Feminist Founders website to $1.00 Canadian per month ($12.00 per year). This price will remain for the rest of 2020 and those who subscribe in 2020 will always pay only $1.00 per month for their listing and promotion.

My goal is to get the word out about as many pro-choice feminist businesses as possible. We can help our customers and customers-to-be to buy the change the want to see.

Please subscribe here as you are able to here and I’ll help with your listing setup and promotion on all Feminist Founders social media channels:


Please post any questions you have here!

A monthly subscription lists your business once in our online directory and allows you to join our online community of feminist entrepreneurs. Additional listings for additional locations can also be purchased.

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