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January 27, 2020 0 Comments


When I started my first business almost 18 years ago, I built it by coding my first website, hosting twitter parties and sharing my expertise on Facebook. I sold my business before Instagram really took off. Now I’m learning!

As a business advisor and someone who is building this Feminist Founders experiment, I am continually searching for new ways to both support and engage my target audience…founders of businesses who are feminists.

I’ve recently learned that you can create groups on Instagram within the messaging area. Why hadn’t I thought of that when the Women’s March first started we had a number of very active messaging groups on Twitter from around the world!

So after being in a group with other entrepreneurs, I’ve created an engagement group for those businesses that have listed themselves on the Feminist Founders website. The intention behind the group is for these founders to support and engage with each other so that we can all gain more reach on the platform. It truly is an example of the “stronger together” philosophy!

What engagement tips do you have for founders on Instagram?

If you’d like to join our engagement group, add your listing to our website and we’ll get started supporting and promoting you to individuals around the world looking to buy the change they want to see!

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