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Monthly Listing & Membership

$1.00 / month

A monthly subscriptions lists your business once in our online directory and allows you to join our online community of feminist entrepreneurs. Additional listings for additional locations can also be purchased.

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Feminist Founders is an online directory of, and support system for, founders, entrepreneurs and business owners who are feminists and prochoice. Purchasing power can make the world a better place.

What’s included in a Feminist Founders membership?

  • access to a directory of feminist businesses that can be used by consumers and businesses
  • promotion of your business through our Facebook page and groups
  • promotion of your business through our Twitter profile
  • promotion of your business through our Instagram profile
  • promotion of your business on our LinkedIn page
  • certification that your company is founded / owned by a feminist
  • …and more!

Help us grow our directory and list your feminist-owned business. Together we can make change happen!

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