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Starting your own business

I get asked quite a bit about how to start a business in Ontario. To start, you’ll need to do a combination of writing your business plan and marketing research. What you learn from your market research, which includes your potential customers may transform or help your business plan evolve.

Market Research

Market research will include statistical information that you gather from various governments sites. Some of the information that you’ll want to look at includes but is not limited to median age. household income, employment rates, etc. Some of this information can be gathered through the website, https://www.piinpoint.com/. PiinPoint is redefining the site selection experience for businesses through the use of powerful tools to research locations in North America.

What will your business name be? Before falling in love with a business name to be, use this site to make sure the domain name and social media channels are available, https://www.namecheckr.com/. This will save you hours of work and searching. Try to find a business name that has a domain name and the main social media channels (Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter (yes, Twitter)) still available.

Registering your Business

Once you have a business name, if you are opening your business in Ontario, you’ll want to register as a sole proprietor or as a general partnership with the province of Ontario. You can do this here:


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