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We need your input!

I’ve been an official business advisor since 2017 and I’ve been advising entrepreneurs since 2002 when I first founded WeeHands. Some would say I’ve been trying to “organize the Brownies” since long before then. Because of discussions about women’s economic security during my time with Women’s March Canada and a number of great talks I had at this year’s Women Deliver conference, I decided to adapt a 16 week business program for women that I’ve used for years and combine it with digital strategies that I recommend to main street businesses on a daily basis. I’ve called my new experiment “Feminist Founders”.

What is Feminist Founders? We’re a female-owned and led company-to-be. We are creating an online, and most importantly, in-person communities for entrepreneurs who have founded companies based on ethical and feminist values.

Feminist Founders will offer opportunities for entrepreneurs to connect, learn and create ventures that improve the position of women in their communities. Our members are entrepreneurs who are launching their startups, growing their scale-ups or champions of successful businesses – all with a desire to give back and connect with other entrepreneurs with whom they can share these amazing experiences with.

We plan to launch Chapters on September 15, 2019 (whoah…did I just put a due date here publicly?) in Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa, Waterloo, Vancouver, New York, Los Angeles, and San Francisco.

I have a little survey for you if you like to help!

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